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QR Codes

For starters, what is a QR Code?

A 'QR' (or Quick Response) Code is a 2D barcode that can be read by the camera in a smart-phone cellphone. The phone uses an application, most of which are free, to decode the image and take the action requested by the code. Scanning a QR Code can launch hundreds of actions, from the very simple to the very complex. For example, a QR may be on the back of a DVD you're considering purchasing and launch a video clip of the movie or be in the window of your favorite restuarant and give you an instant 'FourSquare' check-in. 

Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand. - chinese proverb

QR Codes are an immediate 'call to action' for consumers that create an interactive experience. They see the code, they make the choice to scan it, and suddenly they're experiencing something that goes far beyond the simple printed item in front of them. For example, a QR code can:

  • lead you to a website
  • launch a video or soundbite
  • allow you to follow someone on Twitter or 'Like' them on Facebook
  • generate a coupon code or special offer
  • give you directions
  • make a phone call
  • import your contact info to the devices' contact list
  • send an SMS message
  • send an email
  • bookmark a webpage
  • load calender events
  • make a purchase
  • or hundreds of other functions

QR Codes are quickly becoming the most effective way to engage customers and use limited space. Our business cards feature a QR on the back that allows someone to instantly view our portfolio on their phone or tablet. Essentially, our 3"x2" card carries an entire portfolio on it! Contact us for a multitude of ideas for creative ways to use QR's in your marketing program.

Words of Wisdom

"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising."
Mark Twain

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